fixing paint scuffs?

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    fixing paint scuffs?

    I've had my MR helmet for awhile now, and unfurtunately it has sustained some small scratches and scuffs with time.I'm wondering if there's a way to fix or at least reduce the appearance of these scratches. Any advice is much appreciated.

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    Re: fixing paint scuffs?

    Well, how bad are these scuffs? Plus, is your helmet painted in enamel or acrylic?

    What helped me fix a scuff mark on my enamel painted helmet was dabbing a VERY small amount of paint on a cloth, and rub it on another piece of cloth until the paint is virtually dry, but there's enough to rub onto a surface. In small circles, rub the scuff with the cloth until you get it concealed. Wait for it to dry, and then very lightly,buff it with a #0000 wool wire to smoot the surface. Repeat if necessary.

    Hope this helps you out man.

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