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    So I'm brand new to the Star Wars films (forgive me for getting into it so late, but I ended up absolutely loving them) and I put it upon myself to create myself a Boba Fett helmet for myself. I figured using some tutorials from around the net would put me on the right path. That is, until I stumbled upon one that I thought was relatively clear and concise when, in actuality, it wasn't. And now I'm stuck and wondering if my helmet can be salvaged and actually finished.

    I used these to do the initial construction of the helmet with a few alterations for it to actually fit my head. So it's a bit wide, I think, but it still looked pretty good for my first attempt.

    And then I was told that Bondo Body Filler would be my next step. Unfortunately, it ended up being pretty...

    Well. Unsuccessful.

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    This is the current state of my helmet. Hardened, lumpy, and a bit misshapen. I was misled on the product I should've used so now I'm slightly upset and will be even moreso if I can't actually fix it. Now, I went out and bought some actual Bondo Fiberglass RESIN and some fiberglass CLOTH (I was told to use mat which ended up being way too thick for this and made it pretty terrible looking) along with some 60 Grit sandpaper.

    Is there a way I can fix this using these new materials, or will I have to completely start over? I was thinking I could use the cloth to shape it a little better and then coat it in the resin and hope that it finishes much smoother. But I'm not sure. As I said, this is my very first attempt at anything like this, so I got a bit overeager, I guess.

    Any and all tips for a beginner like me would be absolutely wonderful. And if this thread needs to be put elsewhere, that'd also be appreciated.
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