First ever helmet build

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    First ever helmet build

    Hi guys, Baruthulous here. I think Boba Fett is the most badass thing about Star Wars, and can't wait until his movie in 2016!! To celebrate, I decided to make my first ever cosplay costume. I've always wanted to partake in the cosplay, but haven't for whatever reason.

    So using Wizard of Flight's templates, I have embarked on a quest to make my own Fett cosplay.

    Here is my progress so far...


    The ear pices have been the most annoying so far, I think they turned out ok so far though. Nothing that can't be fixed during the bog and sanding phase. Same as the weird bulging that's happening in the dome.

    I have a couple of questions though....

    1) The dent on the front that is supposed to be part of the helm, how do I do that?

    2) For hardening up the cardboard, what do I do? I have seen some people use layers of different ratios of waterva, but others that use fibre glass resin...wich way is best for results, but also good for n00bs?

    3) The there a place to buy them ready made? Or do i use a piece of perspex, cut it, heat and bend, and then tint?

    Thanks in advsnce, and I'd love to heare any criticisms or tips


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    Re: First ever helmet build

    Ok, so, the Range Finder ear cap is now attached...

    (sorry for photo quality....only camera I have)

    So anyway, I think I'm upto the hardening part, but 2 questions.

    1) Do I add the dent now or after its hardened, and how do I add it? I've tried actually denting it, but the way the cardboard is moving, its denting way too big

    2) Wich method is best for noobs, as asked earlier?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: First ever helmet build

    as a fellow noob i'll be following your thread to get the same answers you are looking for! Good job so far..

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    Re: First ever helmet build

    Hahaha, cheers man.

    As far as answers, I just went into the unknown and used pva glue to harden the helm. First I brushed the whole thing with water to soften it, then 2 layers of 1:1 PVA:Water, then a final 2:1 PVA:Water. Seemed to work alright. Anxious to actually try the resin method.

    I'm halfway through the bog and sanding stage, and I'm pretty pleased so far. I will try to add the dent and the arrows in after the dome is finished, using either a dremel, or old fashioned elbow grease.

    Anyway, I'll stop yapping and get back to work, new pics as soon as I think it'll be photogenic ;P


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    Re: First ever helmet build

    i hope youre documenting all your work with a heap of photos..

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    Re: First ever helmet build

    If you want you can reference my post for some details.

    as for the hole I waited until the build was completely sealed with epoxy, sanded and primered. then I drew out the proper hole and just cut and dremeled it out. then put a backing larger than the hole inside the helmet and secured it with glue gun and epoxy.

    once dry I filled the outside with spackle and shaped it to match the reference then sealed that with epoxy. resanded and primered.

    hope that helps.

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    Re: First ever helmet build

    These scratch builds amaze me. I wouldnt have the patience to do it. good job.
    I got my visor from

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    Re: First ever helmet build

    Deadcat - I haven't been taking photos, but will start, just for you ;P

    darthchimp - thanks man, it makes a lot of sense to do it that way, what with logic and all, hahaha. Your's looks sick btw! With the visor part, are you going to leave the board where the visor will go? Or cut it out once you get the visor?

    SarlaccChewToy - Thanks alot, and the main construction really isn't too hard, now that I'm at the filler and sanding stage, its wearing on me pretty hard......not super fun work. Thanks for that site too! This is why I love the internet.....t-visors, who'd o thunk it? As far as qizard of Flights templates that the standard visor? Deluxe? I would never have thought there would be enough different visors to give me analysis paralysis!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ooooooooh.......those are meant to sit inside the helm, against the visor slot? dayum, My helmet is a really snug fit so was going to have to sit mine halfway in the slot.......will that still work?

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    Re: First ever helmet build

    Baruth - leaving the cardboard in till I am finished with the helmet. creates more stability and less chance of ruining the face shield.

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    Re: First ever helmet build

    Ok, so it's been a while since I updated this, but like I said, the filling and sanding stage was really not fun. But, I finished that part and primed the sucker, and I think it looks great. There are a whole bunch of rough bits, in the dome especially, but I think for a battle worn helm, it should be fine, not to mention I should be able to hide the gross ones with paint.


    Again, sorry for the pic quality, I will be getting an Ipad in the next week or so, so should be good on that front soon.

    I also settled on the version I'm going for, and it's not from any of the films, but the Mythos version by sideshow toys. Here is a pic of that..

    Anyways, thats pretty much it for now. The next time I make a helmet, I will have to find a different material that likes curves more. The dome especially, I couldn't quite get it all the way smooth.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1bobabiggun-jpg  

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    Re: First ever helmet build

    DISASTER!!!! Just got home from TAFE, with a brand new Ipad mini ready to take good quality photos, and found my helmet destroyed. My sister came over with her kids, and turns out they both wanted to play with it, and the results are messed up. As soon as I setup the Ipad, ill take some pics. I don't think it's salvagable, but interested to hear what you guys think....ugh

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    Re: First ever helmet build

    I have a pepakura one in my attic I could probably get to you. It's been resin'd and covered in bondo. I can get you a picture later if you're interested shoot me a PM.

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