I can't believe it finally came. I ordered this thing the first week in November, so it's been a lonnnnnnng wait. It's number 371 of1500. I've been keeping up with everybody else's posts regarding the helmet, so here's mine...Overall I like it as a collectors peice, however I do have some issues with certain things. The visor taper is more noticeable in person than in pictures, imo. When looking at it at an angle, it is so distracting. The weathering spray on the rangefinder is overdone, and the waves in the visor from the adhesive that attaches it are also a problem that could have been easily fixed. Forgive me, I'm a little loopy from the fumes also . I like the overall shape and the rest of the paint job. With all that being said, I will display it proudly. The prints are pretty cool too. Now I need a helmet that I can actually wear and troop in. Somebody hook me up with a ROTJ helmet.