Fett UKs first ESB MS attempt

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    Fett UKs first ESB MS attempt

    Well I finished my Marrow Sun ESB lid and broke the first law of bucket painting... TAKE YOUR TIME...
    I really wanted to wear it for a troop this weekend so I rushed a little to get it ready. I'm quite happy with how it turned out so I don't think I need to sand and repaint, but know it needs a bit more work, which I can do now I have more time.
    Any way here it is, please be honest and let me know what you think and what it needs.

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    Re: Fett UKs first ESB MS attempt

    that bucket rocks. I wouldnt change it at all.

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    Re: Fett UKs first ESB MS attempt

    Its a great start, maybe spend an hour and add the black spatters on the dent side of the helmet as well the random yellow stains. These will really help to weather the helmet a bit more. Other than that your looking good for your first time.

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    Re: Fett UKs first ESB MS attempt

    Wow, that's looks really nice! Great job! I know the flash tends to wash out colors, but Marrow Sun's ideas sound pretty good for a little touch up.

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    Re: Fett UKs first ESB MS attempt

    Wow, thats great. I would be more very impressed if that was my bucket, and I dont think I can do any better than that. BUT, you did ask for our honest opinions, and that is what I will give. Though what I said beofore is totaly ture, I do have a complaint. The scratches dont seem real enough for me. Im not trying to say their bad, you could leave the helmet alone foreve and it would still be great, but the edges of the sratches seem to all be round instead of spiked and sharp. Not trying to be an ass or anything, but you did ask for the truth, and I do think you could do a WAY better jop than myself.

    -Tony Vida; TK 3204; Austin, Tx

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