Fett Helmets

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    Fett Helmets

    I am trying to start a mandalorian armor costume and I am having a hard time finding a really nice affordable helmet. I told that someone at TDH makes has or makes them. Anyone know how to find these great helmets, I am tired of looking on EBAY!

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    Re: Fett Helmets

    There are a few makers of helmets on here mate...

    TerminalFettler / Bobamaker / Fettpride / Grifter... to name a few.

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    Re: Fett Helmets

    Thank you, I have seen the helmets by FettPride, how can I order from them?

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    Re: Fett Helmets

    Hey Brother just look in the cargo hold for the thread New Fettpride helmets..Merry Christmas TDH...The information is in the first post...I have one ordered too..good luck

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    Re: Fett Helmets

    I'm not sure if it needs to be said, but a PayPal account is going to be your best financial option when dealing with sellers on TDH.


    Usually if a member is doing a run for a specific item, they'll provide the necessary info on price, their email address (for PayPal use), and request specific info from you (sizing, ROTJ or ESB, etc.)

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    Re: Fett Helmets

    hello, i guess i should post some where , thanks for all of the great information , im hoping to not have to ask a whole bunch of newbie questions ,and i hope to find the rite size helmet for my monster dome..

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