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Fett Helmet History

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    Re: Fett Helmet History


    I love the Fett family tree in the first post. Is there an up to date history including eFX or any other new updates since this was made?

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    Re: Fett Helmet History

    Thank you for sharing this fascinating history of this most iconic helmet!

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    Re: Fett Helmet History

    Been away for a while, a lot has changed, would love to see an updated lineage to get me up to speed!

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    Re: Fett Helmet History

    Very useful, thanks for taking the time to put this together.

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    Re: Fett Helmet History

    This is absolutely spectacular. Thank you to everyone that contributed to this.

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    Re: Fett Helmet History

    I am curious, what is the damage that was done to the Lava helmet. I have a mystery and I just want to see what the damage actually is.

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    Re: Fett Helmet History

    C'mon, Art. You've been mum on this for some time. We've since gotten the MR "ESB Hero" that's really the PP3. We've got the eFX Boba. We've got the second-generation plug FP got of the PP2, and the work that's been done with it on here. I do think those need to be added to the family tree.


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    Re: Fett Helmet History

    wow, how good is this? fascinating stuff, thank you guys!

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