Feedback please... ESB Boba

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    Feedback please... ESB Boba

    I have been slowly working on this helmet. It's a SgtFang, painted using the "One last wafer thin..." as a guide. I used Affo's rattlecan paint list. I had done the back panel first, but was unhappy with it, so I sanded it to mostly bare & will be finishing it this week. I still need to paint the RF earcap & the as of yet attached earcaps. Lastly, I need to do a super light steel wool rubbing on it to soften it a little and a very light blackwash. Just looking for feedback on this future 501st ESB Boba.



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    Re: Feedback please... ESB Boba

    I think it looks pretty darn good, says the guy too scared to start painting his.

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    Re: Feedback please... ESB Boba

    For what it's worth (coming from a guy who had Slave1Pilot fix p an MR), I think it looks really good, but missing the tiny details. In other words, so small scratches and nicks here and there. Also, could use to graphite colored mist around bottom edges or around dent to simulate carbon scoring. Just a thought. Check out the before and after of my helmet and notice the difference the little scratches make. I think this can be done with a thin silver paint marker topically. Also notice the graphite paint. Not sure this is movie accurate, but it looks good to me.

    The metal colors on your helmet look awesome. In fact, much better than mine. Yours just looks too clean if you know what I mean. Dirty it up a little and you'll have a winner because the base rocks.
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    Re: Feedback please... ESB Boba

    A great start....

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    Re: Feedback please... ESB Boba

    Yeah I totally see what your saying Astro. I plan on taking a compass to it once I get the back panel and earcaps done. I want the entire thing 80% before I do tiny stuff, so that way it flows together. Also, I think the steel wool will help it some too.

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