Experimenting w/color schemes

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    Experimenting w/color schemes

    I'm looking to do a custom Mandalorian and was wondering if anyone here had a "coloring book" image of Boba or Jango - basically, B&W line art - that I could "fill" with colors using MS Paint.

    I tried Google Image search and couldn't find an image that gave me the full costume.

    Little help?



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    Re: Experimenting w/color schemes

    A few months ago I made a vector drawing of Boba fett in Flash which I've used for loads of things , from my avatar, signature and my xmas e-card to paint scheme concepts for my bucket and even a little flash animation Im working on.

    Anyway, Ive saved a high res blank colour version for you to use as a colour guide. Its not ideal for your purpose because its a cartoon image but it'l give you some idea I hope. Sorry I only have a front view (I just didn't have the energy to draw the other angles) but I do have left and right side views of the helmet I could upload for you.

    Good luck with your project.

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    Re: Experimenting w/color schemes

    Yes, that's pretty much the idea of what I was looking for. Thanks for passing it on. I was able to resize the head to match the body to get exactly what I wanted.

    Much obliged,


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    Re: Experimenting w/color schemes

    Hey, this is fun!
    Spent a few minutes dinking around with PaintShop.
    I don't claim to be Michelangelo
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    Re: Experimenting w/color schemes

    Here's a link to a little flash application that lets you colourize armour, helmet, and accessories. I can't remember what website I originally found it linked to...It may have been Mandalorian Mercs.

    If you're like me and you don't think it has enough colours, you can screen capture the images into photoshop and have fun


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