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Everything you wanted to know about Visors...

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    Merged: Re: tinted visor

    Originally posted by Irishpride131972:

    I cut mine to a basic T shape that would fit into the recess I made in the helmet. I then used Epoxy to hold it in place while screwing small (came from a car stereo) screws from the inside out. I then sanded (grinded) the screw ends down flush with the helmet face. It is good to sand them into the helmet a bit below the face surface as to accept Bondo. I then used Bondo to smooth the face out. The visor is mounted very solid.

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    Merged: Re: visor online? Here ya go!

    Originally posted by Pantera1889:

    Thr visor Grainger sells is the perfect shade and size.It is flat though.Just heat it and curve it BEFORE you cut it.I think it was like $8

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    Merged: Merged: Re: Cheap Visor Source I Found!

    A shade 4 visor will do the job, but if you can get a shade 5 thats even better.


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    Merged: Re: cutting the T-visor

    If you are doing a rear visor mount, you would want to cut that whole area out. The visor should be about 1/4" to 1/2" wider than the opening. Those excesses are then glued to the inside of the helmet. This is ideal for any of the standard DP's and fiberglass helmets.

    If you are doing a front visor mount, then you would want to leave a little extra of the black area to glue the new visor to (as illustrated in bfett81's picture). Your new visor has to be cut to the exact size of the old area (no excess). You should use the black piece that you cut out as your new visor template, or atleast trace it before you cut it out. This is more commonly used on the 95 DP's (they have a deeper recessed 'T' area), but can be used on any of the standard DP's.

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    Merged: Screwing in a visor

    Does anyone have pics of how their visor screws in? I'm thinking of doing this cause my visor is crap and i can hardly see out of it now and i need to replace it, but i have no idea how to screw in a new one without the screws going all the way through.

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    Merged: Re: Screwing in a visor

    I'll post some pics tonight.

    Let the screws all the way through, but use a circular saw attachment on a dremel to file them off. Also you can get quikplastic or another putty to just put over the screw tips. It depends on how your head fits in the visor


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    Merged: visor glue.....

    My visor came loose....What is a good adhesive to replace it with? Is black silicone the way to go? I would like to have it black.

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    Merged: Re: visor glue.....

    or you can use hot glue....but the silicon its great too.

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    Merged: Re: visor glue.....

    hot glue works best for me an the best is you mess up it's easy to remove an start over.
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    Merged: Re: Screwing In A Visor

    I used just four screws to secure my visor. It was a bit of a rush job (I did it the day before I first wore my costume) but it works. I sealed the inside with hot glue after I put in the screws, and used a hacksaw to take the ends off. There has been some warpage between the screws, but it's not that bad, and on a '97 Don Post what's one more warp between a costumer and a piece a crap helmet? If I wasn't getting a new helmet next month, I would add a screw on each side between the old ones, and add one on the top so it wouldn't be as squinty.

    The bottom screws are covered in hot glue.

    To cover up the cut off end, I covered them with some foil tape that I was using on my helmet anyway for metal chipping. If I had the time at the time, I would have used Bondo to cover them up, and painted them away.

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    Merged: Visor issues

    How do I install my visor w/o getting glue all over it. I tried Epoxy, and that sucked. A hot glue gun sounds like the best way to do it?

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    Merged: Re: Visor issues

    I used craftsman hot glue (the kind specifically for crafts/hobbies)and it worked fine. I just laid the
    visor down inside the mask (making sure it was flush
    with the mask) and taped the visor to the mask from the
    outside...making sure to seal all the gaps between the
    visor & the mask. Then I turned the mask face down and
    pretty much filled the space between the visor and the
    cheek indentations with hot glue. Make sure you overlap
    the inside edges of the visor with glue also to help hold
    it in place. Just gluing the two vertical edges on the
    straight (mouth) part of the visor was enough for a good
    hold. I think it helps not to completely seal the visor
    to the mask because it lets the mask breath...which lets
    YOU breathe. If any glue seeps to the outside of the mask
    just trim it with a razor/exacto knife.

    Hope this helps. Let me know how it turned out.

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    Re: Everything you wanted to know about Visors...


    Look on page 3 for the pictures of making and replacing the visor.

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    Merged: Cutting out Visor?

    I just ordered this face shield:

    <img src=>

    How would I go about cutting it out without a dremel? Would heating it up and maybe using a soldering iron work? Or heating it and using an exacto knife? I'd be afraid snips would crack it as I cut.

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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    looks like the ones I get from omarksafety. It that's the case, scissors cut it easily.


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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    hey can you post where you got them? My local HD doesnt sell any tinted visors...

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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    How fast was their shipping ground residential? Like, I hope to get it by Halloween...

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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    Is that visor dark enough guys?

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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    how thick are these? When glued, will they hold the cheeks in place? My helmet is somewhat distorted unless the visor is keeping the shape in place, is it strong enough?

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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    If J.M.P. says it works,Than so be it.But cutting it out would scare me.I think A dremel would be the safer bet.Just my opinion.

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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    *edit: shipping seemed fast enough, I wouldn't sweat getting it by halloween**

    If it's the OmarkSafety one:

    They are exceptionally thin and can easily be cut with scissors.

    They are tinted green (provided you bought the right one) and are perfect for visor material, either Fett or trooper lenses.

    They, being thin, must be bent and in my experience are best screwed into place. Heating and bending them may help them keep their shape though.

    Here's my helmet with the omarksafety green visor:

    Thanks for the support SP,

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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    Cut it out with normal scissors.... I have cut three out, works fine and no problems....

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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    They are exceptionally thin, but are they durable? WIll they hold the shape of the helmet in the front there?

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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    I hot glued mine in at first and if the helmet were mishandled at all the glue would give. I did not heat/bend the visor to the shape and instead tried to glue it in hard and make it hold the shape. It failed miserably. I screw mine in now and I'm trying to perfect a way to do it without making it noticeable.

    I can't really say how well they'll work if you reheat them or try another untried option.


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    Merged: Re: Cutting out Visor?

    well how about fitting a piece of sintra behind the visor? wouldn't that give it the needed strength?

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