Hi Guys,
I have been doing this paint up for a while now.
Went with a combo layered and topical technique. Using Floquil/Polyscale and Humbrol paints. Thanks heaps to the guys who put together paint lists and templates, you guys rock!

Started somewhere here with a helmet of unknown origin which I scored for free. (It is fibreglass)

It was in a lot worse condition than this when I got it, these are the first painting shots

The masking begins and the first few coats of colour are applied. I started with Reefer Grey

Then onto Concrete

Then onto Medium Green

So I am happy with things at this point.
Onto the Ears. The helmet came with some resin cast ears but some parts were missing, I have had to fabricate the missing bits.

Now this is where things turn ugly in my opinion. I started painting the Mandibles. I have used a custom colour. I am trying to duplicate Polyscale Caboose. I used a mix of Humbrol Wine and Oxford Blue. I do not think the colour is right (looks great in the jar) These are all taken in natural light with the last one taken with a slight shadow.

This next group are taken indoors with a flash

This last lot, indoors, no flash

So my question at this point is, does the Mandible colour look right. On closer observation you can see I have used Humbrol Wine as a highlight. In my opinion this colour is closer to how the mandibles should look, but still not right. I did find a Humbrol paint called Brick or Red Brick, can't quite remember exactly but that is close to Caboose comparing lid colours. Should the mandibles be more Red with a purple highlight? Really looking for feedback and suggestions here guys, so don't go gentle on me