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    Aug 6, 2009, 11:44 PM - Don Post '97 helmet or Rubies - decent for a noob girl? #1

    I'm working on a modified (chick) Boba outfit and am looking for a bucket. Don't want to spend a fortune, but I also don't know if I'll have the time or equipment to do a scratch build. My head is smaller than Bobas, I'm sure, so I'm gonna need a bucket on the smaller end, or lots of padding!

    I'm thinking about an off-cast kit from one of theDH members, but an alternative in a similar price range would be a DP 1997 helmet.

    Is the DP helmet small-ish? The ones I've been looking at could all do with a paint job and some proper weathering, but as a base, how decent would it be?

    There's also a Rubies out there for $70. I hear it's a smaller helmet and good for a 'starter' and smaller head, but it looks... kind of... not good. I don't mind the narrowness, but the profile looks weird to me. Of course it would get a good sanding, repaint, weathering, and other mods.
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    Aug 7, 2009, 12:01 AM - Re: Don Post '97 helmet or Rubies - decent for a noob girl? #2

    Well you probably can fix up the Rubies to make it decent enough I suppose but you'd probably be better off just to spend the extra 50 or so and save yourself a lot of labour. Sgt Fang sells his buckets for a reasonable price as well as some other casters. The biggest problem you'll have is finding a small enough helmet that you don't end up looking like a bobble-head. I was under the impression that BM made one of the smaller helmets out there but it fits me fine and I have a ginormous head. Your best bet is just to check out all the yay or nay forum posts in the helmets section and judge from those. Personally I almost wish I'd gone with a Fang or FP helmet and saved myself some money but I like my BM bucket and at least I know I should never have to upgrade it (and I'd best make it clear that I"m NOT saying you'd ever have to upgrade from FP or Fang buckets either, both are extremely good casters)

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