daft question

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    daft question

    I know :o i should know better than to ask daft questions, but until now this one hasn't been a problem for me.

    Resin helmets - are they any good?. My wife wants a mando costume and i was thinking of getting a resin bucket for her. The one i use for my Fett is FG and is great, it can take knocks and all sorts. The thing i am worried about with resin, is the fact that i think it will break if knocked. Would you all say this a fair comment?

    come on guys, prove me wrong.

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    Re: daft question


    IMHO, a resin helm is fine...however, for that added security factor, have it fiberglassed, this way, should it drop [heaven forbid!], get knocked or something worse, it's still in one piece and usable.

    Just me...BTW, I had resin Bio Helm from before, very nice design, and then it dropped from the display and well, I do't have it anymore.

    Stay safe,


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    Re: daft question

    I don't think most resin helmets are as fragile as people think. Once you get the T-visor installed, that adds a tremendous amount of structual support.

    Resin is lightweight, and it actually has a good amount of flex before it'll break.

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    Re: daft question

    I've got one of the Sgt Fang's which are resin and I'm toying with the idea of glassing the inside

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    Re: daft question

    I did not 'glass my first Fang bucket, and didn't have any issues at all.

    However, during the preparation of my second Fang helmet, I dropped it repeatedly, cracked it a couple times, and ended up adding fiberglass to the inside as a protective measure.

    Alot of it has to do with the thickness of the resin, I think.

    You can buy a fiberglass repair kit at an automotive store for about $20. Not a bad price for a little added protection.

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