A couple of range finder questions

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    A couple of range finder questions

    I need to get a RF circuit board but want one that follows a screen accurate flashing pattern.

    Are the red LEDs seen flashing at all in ESB or RotJ? I seem to remember them lit in the Slave I cockpit scene but just checked the Bluray and they are all off.

    And does anyone know what movie the film cell in the prototype helmet comes from? I thought it might be Lawrence of Arabia but didn't see it when I watched the movie. The other one I'm thinking it could be is Patton which is a Francis Ford Copolla movie and features battle scenes around buildings in the desert.

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    Re: A couple of range finder questions

    Here is one answer for you: you can see clearly (well almost clear) the rangefinder light sequence in the Supertrooper Footage around 1:30. But I don't know what to say about the film cell...

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    Re: A couple of range finder questions

    Hey kurtyboy,

    Rangefinder LED-Blink-Sequenz is NEW
    Attachment 56967

    Rangefinder LED-Blink-Sequenz is OLD
    Attachment 56968

    I hope that I could help you with it!

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    Re: A couple of range finder questions

    Thanks for those, guys. Does anyone make an RF circuit with an accurate flash sequence? The above 'NEW' sequence looks almost twice as fast as it is in the albino clip.

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    Re: A couple of range finder questions

    I hate to hijack the thread, but I hate searching thru dozens of threads to find answers to questions on the same topic, so I'm gonna throw this in here.

    I've never seen one with lights up close. Do you block off the backs so that you can't see light coming thru the clear part? I'm thinking about just using the blinking red LEDs from radioshack. I've got 2 of em in my chest armor and wired in parallel to a battery and switch, somehow they get out of sync really fast so it looks like they're blinking at random.

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