I was just messing around at my desk just now and realized how easy it would be to make the dome for the cardboard helmet out of foamcore board. Using WOF's templates, if you first cut out the dome, then slightly bevel the inside edges, you can get a decent bond with wood glue. You can then strengthen the seams with hot glue if you like. Now comes the fun part. If you use the CHEAP foamcore board from the dollar store, you can peel the outside layer of paper right off. Then, you can quite easily sand the dome to a more rounded shape. Following that, coat the entire dome with wood glue. Wood glue is also sandable, but shouldn't need that much if you apply it thickly and smooth it out with a brush. Any futher imperfections can be filled with wood putty. This is, of course, if you're dedicated to making an all (or nearly all) cardboard helmet. Just my two-cent contribution for today. Enjoy, and happy bucketing.