Boba fett helmet

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    Boba fett helmet

    I'm going to making a boba fett helmet using pepukara is there any tips That any one can give me I would be really great full

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    Re: Boba fett helmet

    Sorry forgot to put on that I'm going to be adding a servo in the range finder and lights

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    Re: Boba fett helmet

    I have been working with pepakura and have currently done a number of items. I did a Boushh helmet & a number of other items, This costume is for my wife and is almost completed.

    I used 110 lb. card stock & reinforced that with .060" architectural cardboard. In some cases I went with 2 layers of the cardboard. When I completed this I used smooth cast 320 & coated inside & out. This filled in all the cracks & voids and tied everything together very well. Then I proceeded to do all of the filling and smoothing things out. I used wood glue to glue everything together. It creates a great bond. What my plan was with this method was to create a lamination similar to plywood. With the card board core I don't expect any warping. I wanted to try something other than fiberglass.

    I am also working on a ROTJ Boba Fett as well for myself. But not as far along. I did the jetpack in pepakura using the above technique, (Skip & Soba). I have helmet in the assembled & in process as well (Skip) with some modifications from WOF & Rafal's templates.

    Hope this is of some help to you.
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