Boba Fett Helm painted

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    Boba Fett Helm painted

    Hello all, this is my first post showing my newly completed paint up. The rest of the suit is also about complete and I'll make a post for that once it's finished. The helmet probably is not screen accurate but it looks like Boba and I'm pretty happy with it. The interior consists of an old motorcycle helmet strap and an old hard hat liner so it fits perfectly. The padding on the back is from some used knee pads I've cut and hot glued.






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    Re: Boba Fett Helm painted

    Helmet looks great man. Does look like you should remove the visor and pinch the mandibles inboard. Then you'd need to trim the lower sides of the visor.

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    Re: Boba Fett Helm painted

    Nice job Dietz! I like the color choices

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