Boba Dome Question ?

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    Boba Dome Question ?

    Hi Guys and Gals,
    I'm Joe. I just found the forum here, and wanted to say hello. The info on this site is amazing. I'm scratch building a Boba helmet and had a question. Does anybody know if the dome on the Army Kevlar helmet is close to the Boba Fett dome. I have a Kevlar from my Army days, and have made a mold of it. It looks real close to me, but I thought I'd ask the experts. I'll be checking it against the Templates on the site. If anybody knows id appreciate it. Thanks,

    Joba fett

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    Re: Boba Dome Question ?

    What 63 views and 0 replies. Not even a welcome to the board ? I'm such a hurt bounty hunter. Joe

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    Re: Boba Dome Question ?

    Its hard to say unless a side by side comparison of your helmet is done with a fett helmet/picture is line up next to it. If it isnt just add bondo or oil based clay over it and sand into the correct shape.

    PS: welcome aboard

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    Re: Boba Dome Question ?

    Maybe post a couple of pictures? front, side and top views should do it...

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    Re: Boba Dome Question ?

    Welcome to the board Fettness! ;-)

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    Re: Boba Dome Question ?

    I've got one of the older PASGT and newwer MICH helmets and I would say neither of them would be suited for building an accurate Boba helmet... now if you wanted to do a custom helmet, that would be anoother story.

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    Re: Boba Dome Question ?

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the replies. I'll try to post some pictures of the dome as soon as I get my internet access straightened out. I'm trying to come into the 21 century, and cancel dialup access, aurggggg ! As for the dome, it looks to be the same basic shape. At least the dome section of the helmet. I'll be checking it against the WOF templates this weekend. Does anyone have the MR helmet ? If I had the dimensions of it, that would be right on I think. Anyway thanks again, Have a good one.


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    Re: Boba Dome Question ?

    The real key to the shape is from the top, you're looking for almost a pear shape, quite unusual as most helmets i've looked at are oval, so here is where the modifications are going to really matter to the overall shape of your helmet...

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