BM ROTJ Helmet

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    BM ROTJ Helmet

    I just got photos form my wife because my BM ROTJ Helmet got there, and like always the work is freaking awesome. I thought I'd post some photos of it next to my POS SFP helmet, and of it on my mannequin. ( BM on left, SFP on right)

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    Re: BM ROTJ Helmet

    Hmmm... I think I like the POS SFP helmet more the your BM... NOOOT!

    It looks great

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    Re: BM ROTJ Helmet

    Could you please crop out that SFP helemt?? It hurts my eyes.....

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    Re: BM ROTJ Helmet

    Is that really an SFP? man I knew they sucked but...
    Awesome job by Daz!

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    Re: BM ROTJ Helmet

    What a great job !! love it
    I hope he will do at least as beautiful for mine

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    Re: BM ROTJ Helmet

    Look how proud your mannequin is!

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    Re: BM ROTJ Helmet

    LOL believe me luksy, it hurt mine too. The above was AFTER I redid it with my low level painting skills. It's gonna open me up to some horrible flak, but here's a photo of SFP ROTJ Boba right out of the box.

    Notice the reverse of the cheek colors on the helmet? SFP claimed "this was one of the many paint schemes used in ROTJ" to which I replied "Bull$**t"

    and the jetpack

    I think I've done an admirable job redoing everything even with my meager skills, and I only have 6 more SFP parts to replace, and only a few other parts. My goal is to get an entire BM suit.

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