Australian fett helmet help

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    Australian fett helmet help

    Just hoping someone could please give a list of the Australian paint colors needed for a Boba maker helmet and any pics of ones done. The reason why i ask this is that many hobbyshops dont know the American names or colors used.


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    Re: Australian fett helmet help

    Are you using spray paint or air brush also what style ars you doing , and were in aus are you situated

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    Re: Australian fett helmet help

    I'm situated on the Central Coast, housr drive from Sydney. This is my first helmet i've done so not sure but more than likely it will be air brushed.

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    Re: Australian fett helmet help

    Original paints were Floquil and Polyscale, there is a list of Airfix/Humbrol equiv, Try the search function there is a thread about this.
    If you have no joy, PM me, I have a list.

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    Re: Australian fett helmet help

    If you go air brush you can use all the same colours that other peopl use we do have most of the same brands when it comes to bottle paints ,Tho if you are going to use spray paints coz i dont know any of the shops up there i cant tell you were to go but if you can sourse a spray paint supplyer certin hard were stores sell difrent brands tho the paints ive found to be the best bfinish and do come in lots of colors that are very close to fett colors espsialy ESB and pre pro 2 colours are called Tradesmans touch pupaint these are in the colour bond range and lots of places stok them if not that brand white knight touch up paint in the colour bond range both of these paints have a realy good satin finish and you can get almost all the colours you will need from these paints, make sure if bying the white knight brand to not get the kill rust versions of the colour bind colours they are an enamel the is spacific to metals and will damage fiber glass ,witch ever spray paint you end up with make sure they are acrylic laquers or solvent based acrylicwitch is the same thing realy for the green on the dome and lower cheeks use Rivergum of all the greens this is the most acurate with the other colours look at there colour charts you should be able to work it out also there are a lot of other good spray paint spasificly arasole art paints , lots of these will work and there is a large range do not use just any can from a hard were as lots of paints are realy baddsc03936-jpgAs you can see i have had some experiance with spray paint, feel free to pm me if you need any colour names or advise

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