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    Another New Boba Member

    Hey Guys! Some of you will know me from the Sith Lord forums, some of you may have trooped with me here in the Central California Garrison. Some may have even worked with me here in Sacramento. Just wanted to touch bases and say hello. I've obtained my first Boba Bucket (Sgt Fang) and have begun the clean-up process already. Due to my hobby workload (R2, Vader, TK, EpII Clone, EP III Clone...and now Boba), I don't anticipate having the full Boba done right away, but I do anticipate moving fairly quickly. Looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone here.

    Hope I didn't post this into the wrong thread! Thanks guys! Now, where did I put that range finder?????

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    Re: Another New Boba Member

    you talk about a lid so looks like a good spot to me . welcome brother .


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    Thanks Dave!

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    Re: Another New Boba Member

    Just spent the last couple hours reading through the GMH lineage. WOW! I'm Drooling! As I'm sure so many others are!

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