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Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

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    Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    I bought this kit from Hollywoodpropmasters on Ebay, I belive it was decided thet its a MSH recast from a previous thread I posted asking for any info on the kit before I got my hands on it. It might not be a premo FP or BM kit but Im happy with it being my first real Fett kit (not including my hasbro mod). So Im excited about it. It did require quite a bit of clean up and some repair work, but hey thats all part of the fun. Progress will be a bit slow being how Im stationed overseas right now and space and supplies are a bit limited but I will post updates with pictures as I make progress, I try to get a little something done each weekend if I can, even if its just a little sanding. But enough talk here's what Ive got so far. Here's the kit as I received it.
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Next was clean up and repair, note the big gash in the back I had to fill and sand, turned out pretty good
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Prepping for paint! Need to get my hands on some carbon paper so I can transfer the stencils and start masking with liquid mask, Ill be using RafalFett's stencils once I get to that stage.
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    And mounted my visor, which I also purchased on ebay (forget the sellers name, its easy to find, just search for boba fett visor, they have visors for all sizes of helmets) I'll most likely drill the holes and mount the ears before I continue with painting so all the body work is finished before I start painting the rest of the bucket.
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Looking good so far! Which version this helmet gonna be? Because it would be better to add the phisical damages too to achieve a better accuracy. If you decide to go with the ROTJ SE, then use Rich D.'s ESB stencils (mixed with my dome stencils) because it's extra scratches are from the SE period (from 1997-today), while mine tries to replicate the state of the helmet from Empire (around 1979-1980).

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Thanks for the heads up, I like the look of the ESB helm better,but prefer the ROTJ suit so I was thinking SE total suit in the long run, Ill deffinately look up Rich D's stencils thanks, right now Im on hold until I can find some carbon paper so Im tweeking the fit of the visor to get it nice and snug.

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Well back to work, slowly but surely, the bucket is really starting to take shape with the "ears" in place now, still need a little smothing around the edges for a snugger fit, but the mounting is done. Im still waiting on some carbon paper so I can start tracing stencils and put some real paint on this beauty. Ive also got a hold of some foam for the padding inside. Slow and steady. Ill also post some inside shots and shots of how I mounted the ear peices a little later.
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    I give you all the credit man I couldn't do this ever I have no patience and no craft skill

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    That is looking really good mate. Its always a bit nerve racking prepping the helmet for the first time and youve done a good job of it. The stencils are fantastic, ive just started to use rafalfetts ones and there great. Their located at the top of the helmet section forum. What I did was scale them to my helmet, print and cut them out, then tape them to the helmet with some carbon paper and draw them on. How are you planning on painting this, airbrush, rattle can?

    Also a little tip with the photos, when you take a photo of your helmet, step back about 5 feet and zoom in. When you take a photo up close of the helmet its throws the lines off and really distorts it, especially with a boba fett helmet. Take a look at pics I attached, the first one is taken from about a foot away, the other about 6 foot away. They are different helmets but the same makes,

    You'd be surprised how much a difference it makes. Like I said mate your doing a great job on your first real lid, looking forward to updates.

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    @ welsh- thanks, I plan on using spray paint (or rattle cans as they seem to be known in the UK) to paint the lid, and the primer and silver are both spray paint as well. As for the stencils, I have rafalfetts stencils, I just need the carbon paper to transfer them onto the lid for tracing and masking and painting- unfortunately I am an american soldier, stationed in Italy, and my second language happens to be spanish not Italian- although similair, not the same, and I have been unsucsessfull in finding carbon paper here in italy so I have ordered some from and eagerly await its arrival so I can continue my project As for the pictures, the latest ones were taken from a slightly higher angle, so yeah they came out a little skewed, but its all about getting the idea across lol. But thanks to every one for checking out my thread and following and posting, I take all suggestions into account and appreciate all feedback!!! Keep it coming, I hope to get the helmet rolling a little further a little faster if I can.

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Here are the mounting pics for the ear peices- still a little sanding arounding the edges for fitting but otherwise mounted nice and tight- if any one has some good decals they can offer I am very interested, it seems that lucky31 isnt offering them any more.
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Latest update, sorry it's going so slow but here's what Ive got so far: Started masking and painting finally- Got the big parts of the dome masked and painted, will touch up with detail by hand to give it that added pazzaz, and masked and painted the lower section of the lower range finder ear peice- Green on the dome appears a shinier in the pics than it really is, hopefully Ill be able to get some better pics in a bit, now Im just wondering if I want to mask and pant the whole helmet then go in with a brush by hand for the fine details or go section by section 100%- Any ways heres my progress so far.
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Great work buddy, you've got all that battle damage coming along nicely. A bit of fine detail work with a fine brush down the track, will really bring it to life too. The grey may be a fraction dark, but that may just be the photos. Top work my good man, keep the updates coming! :-)

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Great work man! I like where it's going and I think the dark green grime around the exposed metal is really cool (makes it feel old, makes it feel experienced). I would also recommend looking into browns you could touch the helmet with to make it look more dirty elsewhere. Also, think about dirtying up the exposed metal color as well!

    (Metal can get worn through exposure the same as paint. I think it would make the helmet all the more believable) Keep up the good work!

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Oh yeah, there will deffinately be added detail and weathering to dirty up the nice pretty clean colors lol

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Now that I have the carbon paper for tracing the stencils Im on a roll!
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Now it's finally starting to look familiar
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Started tracing and masking stencils for the mandibles today, unfortunately weather calls for rain the next few days, might have to set up shop inside the garage to keep the momentum going.

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    I like the direction it's going in. It still looks more like graphic work as opposed to battle damage though... I'm sure, once you start dirtying it up, it's gonna look a lot better! Don't stop!

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Todays progress report
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Looks great buddy!

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Thanks dynamic

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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    The latest and greatest progress, next big step is the back pannels, then up close details by hand with a brush, then the decals (on the ears and the kill stripes, they'll be painted, I just refer to them as the decals) then the inside foam padding to make sure it fits snug and avoids the bubble effect.
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    Initial paint up of the back pannels, major spray painting is done, other than the kill stripes which will be last. Now I'll be going in up close by hand with a brush for more detail.
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    Re: Another Boba Fett Helmet WIP

    The process of detailing has begun- compare to earlier pics- its coming along
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