Annimated/HS Bucket - Complete

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    Annimated/HS Bucket - Complete

    I finally got my 1st bucket done. Its taken alot of hours - as most of you know but it was well worth the effort. I can already tell you that my next one will be layed. I learned quite a bit not just from these boards but also from the personal experience. So let me say thanks to everyone for all the input - not just on my helmet but from other threads as well.

    So as you can tell, it started out as a BM bucket which I purchased from Madrid Boba back in march.

    From there, I added the base coats along with a little masking.

    Then I began the topical weathering.

    Added the kill stripes

    And some work on the scratches and dent.

    And finally

    And there you have it. I still need to line the inside and put the cover over the back vent. The range finder is stationary. As I've said in other posts on this, I've seen the other HS Fett bucket and though I think it looks very cool, I wanted my colors a bit more dark/intense. Please let me know what you think. Oh, and I know that the annimated Fett doesn't have the skull on his shoulder, but mine does!

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    Re: Annimated/HS Bucket - Complete

    That turned out great! Nice colors and weathering.

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    Re: Annimated/HS Bucket - Complete

    Wow, I really like that helmet.

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    Re: Annimated/HS Bucket - Complete

    Looking great AncientFett.

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    Re: Annimated/HS Bucket - Complete

    Thanks for the compliments! Glad you like it. I'll be posting pics of the armor as I complete it. I just got a pattern for the vest yesterday so hopefully with in the next two weeks I can get that all wrapped up too.

    Studio Fett, I like your website. Cool art work. We did a Vader vs. Maul pic last year which you can see on my website. It turned out pretty good. Only I'm not the best colorist.

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    Re: Annimated/HS Bucket - Complete

    Amazing lookin' bucket. Wanna do a HS bucket myself one day.

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