Animefan Boba Fett helmet build

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    Animefan Boba Fett helmet build

    Hi guys, I'm new to the Boba Fett costuming scene but have been busy these past few years building a ROTS Clone Trooper.

    A few weeks ago I came across the opportunity to pick up one of animefan's Boba helmets and thought why not, it looks like a fun side project

    So here I am now a few weeks after receiving the helmet and would like to show some progress.

    Right from the start I gave all the parts a good wash, then prepped Boba for some dental work with a dremel:

    I carved out the visor with minimal collateral damage (which would have been fine if I was doing a fully weathered helmet, but more on that later). After further sanding and lots of minor body filling work, here is the helmet ready for the paint stage:

    Animefan's helmet had an ESB-style circuit board already molded into the keyslots in the back of the helmet, but I decided to carve them open to insert a separate ROTJ-style circuit board (the filled scratch marks on either side of the slots is where I got too eager with filing and ended up gouging out some of the surface):

    Here's all the extra parts of the ears and rangefinder, cleaned, sanded and filled:

    As this is my first Boba helmet, I had a great time poking around the forum and reference galleries, learning about the subtleties of the Boba Fett helmet and all its parts. I really want to make this helmet as screen-accurate as possible, so I ended up thinning down the inside edge of the visor (it was quite thick after dremeling out the visor).

    I also discovered all about the borden connector and the polaroid lens cap in the rangefinder. The polaroid cap was easy enough (I just filed out one edge to make it look more like the real thing).

    The borden connector in this kit needed a lot of work to make it screen accurate, as it was based on an actual borden which was further modified on the screen-used helmets. I first grinded it down as it was way too thick to sit in the helmet. Then I realised that the holes were flipped around the wrong way, with the smaller two holes sitting on the right under the larger hole, rather than the left. I also discovered that the side hole needed to be slightly smaller than its neighbour...

    That probably doesn't make much sense to those unfamiliar with these helmets :P, so long story short, I sealed the side hole and hand-drilled another one in the correct position and size:

    I'm pretty happy with the result. Once painted the original hole should disappear (hopefully).

    Now I need to decide how I'm going to paint this beauty. This helmet doesn't have Boba's trademark dent, so I was thinking of doing an all-white Supertrooper. But then I had another thought... I know it's not technically canon, but if I gave this helmet a satin white finish and weathered it, it might look pretty good with the Clone Trooper armour I'm building. I could always just make it a Supertrooper (gloss white, no weathering), but I'm not sure if it would match nicely enough then.

    Either way, I'll start by painting the inside of the helmet black to help hide the wearer's face.

    That's all for now, thanks for watching!

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    Re: Animefan Boba Fett helmet build

    [FONT=arial]I've made some more progress after deciding how I'll be fixing everything together. Starting with the rangefinder's ear cap, I've decided to uses nuts and bolts to make the entire assembly removable, just in case something ever breaks in the future, or if I decide to repaint the helmet. At this stage this baby's going to be a Supertrooper [/FONT]

    [FONT=arial]Here's the inner and outer ear cap before and after adding some screws and holes:[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial]I hand-drilled some shallow small holes just big enough for the heads of the screws to sit in, giving them a nice alcove to stick to. I used epoxy glue to set them in place, so they're now rock-solid.[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial]Here's the counterpart holes drilled into the helmet:[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial]After tweaking the holes to ensure a clean fit, here's the result:[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial]The screws will be secured with washers and nuts on the inside, and another screw will go through the base of the rangefinder stalk to ensure that it can't slip out. More soon! [/FONT]

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    Re: Animefan Boba Fett helmet build

    Hi RetiredClone,

    Very cool that you are going to complete the helmet as a supertrooper! Are you considering the entire costume?

    I am just in the process of beginning a supertrooper costume. I am already a sandtrooper in the 501st (TD-50176).

    I am considering the animefan helmet for my costume. Thanks for documenting your helmet build!

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    Re: Animefan Boba Fett helmet build

    That's awesome, all the best for your build! At this stage I'm just doing the helmet, although I'm quite fond of this piece of Ralph McQuarrie's concept art - I might one day do a non-canon costume with this helmet and the rest of the suit based on that image...

    Now down to business...

    After logging a few more weekends into this build, I've made some good progress. With this project I decided to try and avoid glue as much as possible, so the ear caps and visor will be installed with Chicago screws. Here's a bunch of the external parts with screws ready for use:

    For the rangefinder, I've drilled some small screws into the top of the stalk and made some holes to hold the topper in place:

    I've done it this way so that my JC27 light kit will fit snugly inside the topper without interfering with the screws.

    Here's the hard hat liner that should make the helmet comfy to wear:

    It's a standard hard hat with the side connection points cut out and a half-circle bracket made to hold them together. Good old velcro will keep it attached inside the helmet to avoid using glue.

    Here's the visor installed inside the helmet with Chicago screws and rubber washers:

    Unfortunately I made a critical mistake of drilling a hole too close to the edge of the visor and it snapped clean in half (gaaaahhhh!). I managed to glue it back together so there's only a minimal crack line visible from the outside, so it can stay that way for now.

    At last, here's the whole package:

    Getting the mandibles to sit right and look the part turned out to be extremely hard, but thanks to a trusty heat gun and a lot of comparisons to reference pics, I think it turned out well. I think the ear caps need to taper more away from the helmet, so I might build up the surface on the sides to help. Next up is the rangefinder topper assembly. More soon!

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    Re: Animefan Boba Fett helmet build

    would it be possible to get the dimensions of that range finder end?

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    Re: Animefan Boba Fett helmet build

    bpwmd said: View Post
    would it be possible to get the dimensions of that range finder end?
    All you need is here ==> Rafal Works Helmet (RWH) v2 Helmet Templates and Build at the end of the first post and in post #32.

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    Re: Animefan Boba Fett helmet build

    bpwmd said: View Post
    would it be possible to get the dimensions of that range finder end?
    Sure, this range finder topper is almost identical to RafalFett's, here's the dimensions when viewing it front-on as in the photo above:

    Width: 70mm / 2 3/4 inch
    Height: 22mm / 1/8 inch
    Depth: 37mm / 1 7/16 inch

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: Animefan Boba Fett helmet build

    That visor placement looks top notch. Good job RetiredClone!

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    Re: Animefan Boba Fett helmet build

    Really nice work, is there anything you would have done differently if you were to start over?

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