AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

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    AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    Ok, I'm a little nervous about this cause I see how much attention to detail everyone pays around here. This is my first bucket - ever! I was scared to death to start with the painting. But alas! It's a whole lot better than I thought. Heres the story:

    I wanted to do the annimated/HS fett. I loved the colors on him. However, I felt that TB1184's paint schemes were a bit too bright and cheery for me. I want it to look a bit more like the action figure itself. The helmet is like a metalic blue color. So I headed to the store. The pictures will show what I came up with. I don't recall the exact names of the paint - I can get them when I get home if anyone is interested. But I started out with a dark navy blue. Masked off the cheeks and the dusted the rest with a lighter blue. Then with both cans in hand, I dusted more. In the pictures it has a bright blue look but in reality, it looks almost metalic which is what I wanted. Then I started laying out the scratches. This will take a while. I'm doing it topical because I'm new at this. Once it's done, I'll dust it again to mute the colors a bit more. I know most of you will look at it and say "hey, that scratch isn't there!" Or "thats in the wrong place" and stuff like that. Thats ok. Considering there are no actual screen shots of Fett in his HS get-up, I'm taking a few design liberties. But anyways, here's what I have so far. Let me know what you think!

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    Re: AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    I think that looks great so far! Good work and good luck!

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    Re: AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    great start...keep us posted!

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    Re: AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    I got a little more work done on my helmet over the last few days. Take a look and let me know what you think.

    I was pretty happy with how the cat scratch came out but I think over all it needs a bit more grit to it.

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    Re: AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    The only thing I don't like about it is that big circular area on your right mandible. it looks out of place, IMO. Everything else is looking super!


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    Re: AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    I'm not sure what area in particular you're refering to. Personally, I've not been 100% sold on the right side either. If you could pinpoint what your refering to, that'd be great!

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    Re: AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    I think that's the spot he was looking at. Caught my eye too. Other than that, your weathering looks amazing! Great work man!

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    Re: AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    That's the area I was referring to. i think that helmet looks great, except for that. It just catches my eye as unnatrual.

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    Re: AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    Got it! And I agree - it does look out of place. Thanks for the input. I'm going to work on it tonight.

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    Re: AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    I couldn't find my camera to take a picture but the splotch is now gone! And it does look more natural. Thanks for that advice!

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    Re: AncientFett's HS 1.0 - my first bucket

    OK here's a few more pics. I got rid of the "splotch" on the front and started in on the back. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress. Weathering and dulling will be done once it's all painted. I also put on the kill stripes but I think they're too dark. I'm going to see about getting some lighter ones made.

    Anyway, let me know what you think about the yellow on the back. Not 100% sold on it yet.

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