Advice for affixing visor inside helmet?

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    Advice for affixing visor inside helmet?

    Hey, all! I'm looking for advice on affixing the visor to the inside of the helmet. I have an old Don Post (94 or 95, I think?) that I repainted and cut out the plastic so I could add a proper visor.

    I originally had a thick plastic visor that I had gotten off eBay in there. The thing was a pain to cut to size and never really fit properly. Plus, it was a black tint instead of the proper green. So, I got one of the dark green visors from RJSafety.

    The new visor arrived yesterday and I have it cut to size. I pulled the old one out and I am ready to put in the new one. The old one I had fixed into place with 2-part epoxy putty, but I don't know if I want to use that again. It's a pain to work with, and it's really hard not to get it smeared all over the visor because it sticks to your fingers when you're kneading it together.

    So, what do you guys recommend? I doesn't seem like hot glue would be strong enough to hold it. What about super glue, or some other adhesive?


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    Re: Advice for affixing visor inside helmet?

    Hi there. Welcome to TDH!

    There are actually several threads dedicated to this exact question. Rather than repeat the answers over and over again I suggest using the SEARCH button at the top of your screen. Type in "attaching visor" and you'll see at least 4 threads started about the same exact topic. There are many different options there that explain in detail how to do it.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Advice for affixing visor inside helmet?

    I actually found some of the threads last night. I'm thinking of going with the screws to hold it in. I hadn't thought of that, but it seems it'd be easier and cleaner to epoxy the screws in place than trying to glue in the visor.


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