Acrylic paint

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    Acrylic paint

    I know most of the buckets here are painted with enamels, but has anyone painted one with mostly or all acrylic paint? How much different is the color? Are there any major issues with masking fluid? Are there any other issues that just make it a PITA to do? I've got a kit on the way that is for display only and I thought I'd try using acrylics (Humbrol), but wondering if it's just not worth it.

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    Re: Acrylic paint

    Acrylic vs. Weather and heat = bad and flakey .. Make sure to seal and weatherize

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    Re: Acrylic paint

    Hi Theta, welcome to TDH.
    I do the majority of my helmet paint ups with Polly Scale (and a couple of Testors MM) acrylics.
    I've found that the paint adhesion is equal to enamels, and have never had any issues with
    acrylics reacting with masking fluid, or lacquer or acrylic clear coats.

    I have noticed some slight differences in tone between a Floquil enamel color and its Polly Scale
    acrylic equivalent, but apart from the dark red "Boxcar Red" color, the differences are negligible.

    I like airbrushing with acrylics because I can thin the paint and clean my brush with water. I'm lazy!

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    Re: Acrylic paint

    Car manufacturers use water based paint....just sayin...on armor I use acrylics, only use Humbrol enamels on the helmets....the armor after laquered (dullcoat its a laquer) holds up really well. And clean up! Like SJ said....Model Masters Polyscale and Floquils...never used humbrol acryls

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    Re: Acrylic paint

    Hey just wanted to chip in on this and say I have only ever used acrylics. Not because I'm against enamels or any thing it's just that I can only work in closed spaces and acrylics are just non toxic enough to get away with it. Anyway I have had problems with masking tape ripping up layers of paint, but never any problems with masking fluid I've been using vallejo air and had no problems. I did however get cracking from a bottle of reefer yellow for the kill strips, but have since found a vallejo replacement. In terms of colour matching I think I have it down without too much fuss and when I'm finished I'm gonna post a thread with all the details. Hope this helps.

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