Acrylic or enamel?

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    Acrylic or enamel?

    I am about to start painting and weathering my first MS_1 helmet. I have applied both the primer and silver paint (both Testors). I prefer to use Testors Model Master paints but I am trying figure out if I should go with acrylic or enamel. Acrylic is much easier to use especially with a cheap airbrush but enamel paint is much more durable. I primarily use MM Acryls on my plastic and resin model tanks but are they ideal for a fiberglass helmet that I may decide to wear out in the elements? Would a few coats of dul-coat over the acrylic help? Am I worrying about nothing?


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    Re: Acrylic or enamel?


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    Re: Acrylic or enamel?

    I agree in the acrylic.
    Once a couple coats of dull coat are applied it should be ok. Testors dull coat i believe is still laquer based. It won't handle abuse like a motorcycle helmet would but should survive normal handling.

    Hope that helps.

    P.S. Let the silver paint dry for a few days. Silver seems to take a lot longer to properly cure.

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    Re: Acrylic or enamel?

    Enamel with acrylic weathering.

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