YAY Almost SFP Free!!

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    YAY Almost SFP Free!!

    Well it's been long, but I am almost rid of all my B.S. SFP gear. Here's the photos with some details.

    Helmet and Balaclava - SFP
    Vest with Armor - Vest is Bobamaker I forget who I grabbed the armor from. and the braids are made by me. The shoulder armor I got from my garrison CO. Tambo.

    Collar, Backplate and Cape- SFP
    Jet Pack and Jet Pack Harness- Bobamaker
    Jumpsuit- SFP It's one of the only pieces from them that were worth anything.

    Gauntlets- SFP

    Gloves- Old Bobamaker that I bought from a garrison mate.
    Girth- Bought from Asok THANKS AGAIN!!!!
    Ammo Belt- SFP
    Cod and Kidney Plate- SFP
    Knee Armor- SFP
    Spats- SFP
    Boots -Caboots
    Boot Spikes - Bobamaker
    EE3 Blaster- Hotshot, bought from RangerChet on TDH. GREAT BLASTER!!!

    And here is a photo of how I transport everything

    Photos of me suited up in this current setup coming soon. Feel freee to let me know how I'm doing, what can be done better.

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    Re: YAY Almost SFP Free!!

    As promised here's photos of me suited.

    The only thing that glares at me, is the SFP collar/back plate being wrong. Let me know what ya think, good or bad.

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