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Xbox Live and/or blogs

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    My gt is (Mandalorian G)

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    Re: Xbox Live and/or blogs

    Yay, more gamers! Unfortunately, I'm not playing BF3. Fiancé bought it for PC instead of Xbox. So I'll be playing whatever I have until MW3 is released. Psyched!

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    Get bf3! And I'll get mw3

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    Re: Xbox Live and/or blogs

    Yeah, guess what? He came home with BF3 for Xbox today. So I guess I'll try BF3 after all

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    I get home from work at 1am EST so if your on see you there!

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    Re: Xbox Live and/or blogs

    I probably won't be able to make it today. Or tomorrow. Fiancé has claimed the Xbox for the night, and I think we're going away tomorrow. But we'll have to play sometime soon! Seriously, when you killed me six times in a row, I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to die XD

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    Technically you did die...6 times in a row hah

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    Re: Xbox Live and/or blogs

    Aaah, true!

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    I am so bored at work right now

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    Re: Xbox Live and/or blogs

    Lol, that sucks. Some time difference we have. You're at work, and I'm about to go to bed. It's 15 minutes to midnight here =P

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    It's fifteen to 6 here lol and nothings going on it's quiet tonight guess crimes waiting for halloween

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    Re: Xbox Live and/or blogs

    Crimes? What kind of work do you have? Because that sounded important

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    I'm the guy you get that off feeling in your stomach when you pass my car while you driving your car on the highway

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    Re: Xbox Live and/or blogs

    Well, that would probably suck big time... Since I don't have a license. I'd probably crash into you rather than pass by...

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    Probably give you a sobriety test at that point

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    Re: Xbox Live and/or blogs

    Yeeeah, fair enough. I'd have to be drunk to go driving without a license. So yeah, okay =P

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    It's a violation just a minor ticket it be worse if you were driving knowing your license was suspended

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    Re: Xbox Live and/or blogs

    Really? Wow, I had no idea XD

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    I don't recommend driving without a license and your laws are different than NY laws so yeah

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    Re: Xbox Live and/or blogs

    Oy, I've only been behind the wheel once in my entire life. So no, I have no plans of getting behind a wheel without a license (unless it's with a proper teacher).

    A little back on topic, I tried Battlefield 3 for the first time today. Campaign. Pretty good so far

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    I love it

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    Ugh I miss playing bf3 work until Saturday

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