1. mandosoldier's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    May 9, 2008, 5:45 AM - Worst Armor Ever #1

    I think I've found the positively worst fett armor out there, even comes with a boba-thong ick.

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  3. Ceric Neesh's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    May 9, 2008, 6:49 AM - Re: Worst Armor Ever #2

    With a narutard in tow... wow... I didn't think I'd ever see a picture made of that much FAIL.


    (For the record, I'm allowed to make fun of Narutards, I've dated several and am friends with many more)
  4. jawafive's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    May 9, 2008, 6:55 AM - Re: Worst Armor Ever #3

    At least he's making that kid happy, that's what's really important. Naruto isn't that bad, once you give it a chance.
  5. vadr h8r's Avatar
    Member Since
    Jan 2008
    May 9, 2008, 7:13 AM - Re: Worst Armor Ever #4

    yes I think we are missing the point. we really don't know the circumstances of that pic. I really doubt he was saying "here is my 501st armor I think Its better than yours. approve it now" the kid was happy, and I bet the guy in the Boba was very happy to take the pic with him! They looked like they were big star wars fans! My costume isn't perfect but I would love it to be, and hopefully it will get better the more I work on it.
    I guess what I am trying to say is I hope this thread doesnt turn into a 'lets make fun of that guy thread" because I know if that was me in the pic (either the kid or the adult) that would make me feel so sad!.
  6. Sixxgunn13's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    May 9, 2008, 7:46 AM - Re: Worst Armor Ever #5

    This is not what the forum is about... it may not be the best representation but it is an attempt at a boba.

    I recall a thread like this was closed cause it got a bit nasty,lets end this soon.

    oh, and Naruto Shippuden... is awesome, Narutards arn't.
  7. al13ns's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    May 9, 2008, 7:49 AM - Re: Worst Armor Ever #6

    at least he tried his best to make his own boba fett's costume...and btw, i'm following Naruto series too, quite nice...
  8. I helped at SDCC '08 Silver Fett's Avatar
    Member Since
    Jun 2007
    May 9, 2008, 7:55 AM - Re: Worst Armor Ever #7

    Quote vadr_h8r said: View Post
    I guess what I am trying to say is I hope this thread doesnt turn into a 'lets make fun of that guy thread"
    I remember a similar thread (LINK) I hope this one dosen't turn out like that one.

    Where's the love "mandosoldier"?
  9. Wolfie's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    May 9, 2008, 7:57 AM - Re: Worst Armor Ever #8

    whats in his hand?? I dunno about the pic though. its got that creepy free candy vanness to it.
  10. asok's Avatar
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    Dec 2002
    May 9, 2008, 8:10 AM - Re: Worst Armor Ever #9

    I am going to close this thread. It is not going to go anywhere but down.

    At least the person in photo tried to make a Boba. He may not have had TDH to help get it up to what we would like to see. He may be a member here working on his Boba right now.

    Thank you to those who did not jump on the dog pile.

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