Wolverine's true identity revealed

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    Wolverine's true identity revealed

    Just a little mid-October laugh for TDHelmetHeads as a break from long nights trying to finish costumes for this year's "Halloween is on a Saturday and will be awesome all day long thank you very much."

    I saw this album (remember those?) in Goodwill a few weeks ago, and have been kicking myself ever since for not getting it.

    The resemblance is uncanny, especially when you add in Merle's sideburns, snowy wilderness background, and flannel. Merle was truly ahead of his time, so to speak. Look at that cocky bad boy mug, you know he's thinkin' "What are you lookin' at, Bub?"

    Merle Haggard IS Wolverine...

    or is it

    Wolverine IS Merle Haggard?

    Best of luck to everyone busting their hump to get their costumes done this week!

    - Tom

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    Re: Wolverine's true identity revealed

    Yep, that's him Hugh Merle!

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    Re: Wolverine's true identity revealed

    Ha! No way! Thanks for posting!

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    Re: Wolverine's true identity revealed

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    Re: Wolverine's true identity revealed

    merle isnt bad a enough to be wolverine...but he does have some similar features

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