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    Sep 7, 2011, 10:48 PM - Why the flipped image of Boba Fett in ROTJ? #1

    I searched and have found no answers to this question. I even did a search and couldn't find a thread posted about this so here goes my question. I figured this should be the best place to find the answer I'm looking for.

    In Return of The Jedi there is a scene in Jabba's palace where Boba Fett is shown drawing his blaster. I never paid much attention to it even though I've probably watched this movie a thousand times until one day for whatever reason I paused it right there. When I came back to resume the movie I noticed that not only was Boba's range finder on the wrong side but that the whole image of him had been flipped. At first I thought I had discovered something remarkable until searching the web and finding a lot of goof ups in the movie but I could find no answer to why this was done. So does anyone in this community of TDH know why this was done. Just wondering.
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    The frame was flipped to match Boba's position during the scene.

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