Webley and Scott No 1 flare gun

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    Webley and Scott No 1 flare gun

    Hello all,

    Midas here. I have Webley and Scott No 1 1916 flare gun. I bought a gun lot last year and auctioned them off. That was the only gun to not sell. I think people were scared to bid. I am OK with that as it is a great piece. What does this value at? I have found nothing on it at all. How many were made? Thanks for any info. I am currently serving in Iraq and have limited access to my pics, but believe me, I have it! Thanks.


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    Re: Webley and Scott No 1 flare gun

    No idea what they are worth as I have never found a de-activated one for sale which I think is the only way I could get one in England. (never looked into it to see if I can get a live one because it is an obselete caliber)
    They don't seem to come up for sale very often over here.


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    Re: Webley and Scott No 1 flare gun

    on an item like this, value tends to be really subjective. it all really boils down to the old saying,"it's worth what someone will pay for it."

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    Re: Webley and Scott No 1 flare gun

    ballpark figure on value from what I've seen is about 700-1500 depending on condition and if its all original matching. as for how many were made I have no idea.

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    Re: Webley and Scott No 1 flare gun

    To gun collectors it's worth $400 to $500. For fett heads it's the $700 to $1500 mark.

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