Vile / VaVa?

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    Vile / VaVa?

    Hey, I was just curious -- has anyone considered doing a Vile / VaVa costume from Mega Man X?

    Check out the pics below:

    There is also some information (and other versions from X3 and X8) here:

    His ending in Maverick Hunter X (japanese audio):

    Think it might be do-able?

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    Re: Vile / VaVa?

    Hey, I remember old Vile. Honestly, you could use a Fett helmet as a base. (As the character's head was an obvious rip-off of the Fett.) The hardest parts of the costume (depending on your experience) would probably be the gauntlets and chaingun. Although I don't recall the bandolier being present in the first Megaman X game. I took a look at the two Vile costumes on I was dissapointed that the only attempts with pics seem to have been made entirely out of fabric. Be sure to post in progress pics! and good luck!

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