A Tribute to Jason Voorhees

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    A Tribute to Jason Voorhees

    Hey Yall,

    now i know the Friday the 13th movies aren't everyone's cuppatea, But personally; I dig them. I found this video tribute on Youtube, and i figured some of the other Jason fans would get a kick out of it.

    Disclaimer: I DIDN'T MAKE THIS VIDEO!!! true credit goes to the uploader and creator.

    Warning: This video contains segments from the actual movie series. If you haven't seen any of the Friday the 13th movies (famous for their blood and gore), this might be too graphic for you!!
    view with CAUTION.
    Now, this video containts NO sexually explicit material, just a bit of the good ol' blood and guts Jason is famous for. nevertheless, I wanted to put the warning out there

    On that note: Please enjoy.

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    Re: A Tribute to Jason Voorhees

    BTW; All these segments are from the ORIGINAL Friday the 13th series. This has nothing to do with the recent remake (which I am proud to say I refused to watch)

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    Re: A Tribute to Jason Voorhees

    LOL That's awesome! Thanks for sharing

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    Re: A Tribute to Jason Voorhees

    As a DIE-hard fan of the original Paramount series, I wasn't too displeased with the remake ther than the fact Jason never grunted even though they went back to him being a living person and not a zombie. You should maybe give it a chance.

    The video was pretty cool by the way.

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    Re: A Tribute to Jason Voorhees

    That was great!


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