Trades; Should I complain?

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    Trades; Should I complain?

    I currently have 2 "trades" in progress.(I use the term "progress" very very loosely.)
    These trades have been dragging on for years. Yes , literal years.
    Here's the basics;
    Trade #1 - I am to paint a jetpack for this person in exchange for a jetpack for myself. No money is to change hands at all, just the packs.
    I have yet to receive anything except excuses and promises. Numerous emails have been exchanged

    Trade # 2 - I supplied measurements of found parts in exchange for a set of repro parts made from the measurements out of aluminum. again, no money is to change hands.
    I have received a few parts, but not all. To be honest, it's been so long that don't know what I am still "owed", but I know that I am still waiting on parts.
    Numerous emails have been exchanged again with similar promises.

    Should I be mad?
    Should I pursue it?
    Should I just give up?

    What are your thoughts?

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    Re: Trades; Should I complain?

    Hmm. . . if it were me, I'd probably just give up on the first one. Unless there's some deadline on getting your own pack completed.

    The second, I'd continue to pursue it, since you did hold up your end of the deal.

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    Re: Trades; Should I complain?

    I think I agree with superjedi. If it's just talk and empty promises on the first one, I'd let the other end know that the deal is off. On the second one... I think I'd try for a little while longer. A couple more e-mails, just to see what the other person has to say. But I'd eventually give up on that too. Some people are not to be trusted, sad but true.

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    Re: Trades; Should I complain?

    yeah, I'll probably give up and put those 2 makers on my "do not deal with" list.
    sad really.

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    Re: Trades; Should I complain?

    Hi there.
    If your agreement exists in writing then it is legally binding, if there is a clear agreement of what is to be exchanged. If the other party does not deliver it can be considered mail fraud.
    I of course understand that you don't want to make it a court issue, but sometimes there is no other way. Mail fraud has become an encreasing aspect of mail-agreements where one party never fulfills their part of the deal.
    I do however agree with some of the above, that perhaps your best option is to pursue the second part of the deal.

    Take care, and I hope it all works out since we need to be able to trust one another.

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    Re: Trades; Should I complain?

    Sorry that people can't keep their word.

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    Re: Trades; Should I complain?

    slave1pilot said: View Post
    Trade # 2 - I supplied measurements of found parts in exchange for a set of repro parts made from the measurements out of aluminum.
    Some of my facts were wrong regarding the above statement.
    It's been a looong time so my memory got fuzzy.
    It wasn't specs for found parts completely. It was also in exchange for a Polaroid camera lens (which I sent).
    Again, I did receive some parts.
    He contacted me today and offered to send the lens back to make it right.
    I told him to keep it because I don't need it.

    Legal action? No way. It isn't that big of a deal. It's just stuff. I'm not out any money.

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    Re: Trades; Should I complain?

    I found with all people if they do me wrong I try not to stew over it, it makes you a bitter person in the end. I just chalk everything up to experience and try not to judge everyone but this one person has done.
    Good luck ( I would just try a different venue ).

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