THX 1138

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    THX 1138

    The first time I actually watched this film was last night. It certainly made me consider the realm of Star Wars in a new way. An interesting piece of a story Lucas had/has amazing perception into. Anyways, I really liked it, certainly not as a reality, but as a mindfulness. The Academy wasn't ready for you, George, they just weren't ready.

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    Re: THX 1138

    He's not of Academy caliber anymore now either though, sadly enough. (*cough* PT, IJ:4 *cough*)

    BUT... THX is an amazing and interesting look into where he was looking to go with film making and social ideas. Some prefer the more reserved version of the original cut but I like most of the changes he's made to his Director's Cut. All except the horrible new Shell Dwellers at the end- those were badly executed.

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