Just for grins, here is an article for those of us day dreamming of solo flight:


There is a Real-Life Jet Pack School Where You Can Learn to Fly

Eric Scott (a.k.a. Rocketman) is probably the best Jet Pack pilot the world has. Heís flown over canyons, performed in airshows and holds the record for fastest speed on a Jet Pack. So with that gift, eís now teaching people how to fly in his Jet Pack school. Using a jetpack isnít easy! You canít just fire off the thrusters, lean forward to go and expect not to crash and eat ****. Jetpacks are insanely powerful and itís all about control. Wildly hitting the thrusters makes things go out of control.
So when Stuart Ross, a UK man, wanted to learn how to fly a jetpack, he asked Eric Scott the Rocketman to teach him. Scott came up with a training regimen and as you can see in the video, has been developing and training Ross so that Ross can fly on his own. Ross has training wheels on right now (some sort of wire attached to him so he doesnít go flying off to Mars) but is learning to find the right balance. Sure heís spinning around, circling too much and falling down, but what more fun could you have than going to Jet Pack school? [Rocketbelt, Jet Pack International via The Awesomer]