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    Apr 17, 2012, 4:26 PM - Ten year old's birthday party #1

    I've been asked by a good friend to make an appearance at her boyfriend's brother's birthday party for about an hour this Saturday in my Fett. I was wondering if anyone had good advice for events of this nature? It's only going to be me in costume and apparently the kid is a huge star wars fan. I've already confirmed that there will be
    -A place to change
    -Decent amount of parents around to assist me
    -About ten kids total

    Any advice would be much appreciated!
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    Apr 17, 2012, 4:37 PM - #2

    I did an appearance for my niece's birthday two years ago. The kids will absolutely love it. Just make sure that the kids know not to beat on you. Hasn't happened to me but you never know.

    Another piece of advice. If you have to remove something to make an adjustment on the costume or whatever. Do it either in the private area they are letting you use or if it's amongst the party, keep all your stuff out in front of you in a spot where it cant be grabbed for fall. Essentially, use your head .
  4. High Speed Low Drag Fett 4 Real's Avatar
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    Apr 17, 2012, 5:26 PM - Re: Ten year old's birthday party #3

    And dont let the jawa touch your rifle
  5. Apr 18, 2012, 12:07 AM - Re: Ten year old's birthday party #4

    If you can look at your surroundings ahead of time that would be awesome. Make a mental note of steps, ledges, play equipment, etc. And I second the advice of making adjustments and removing pieces out of sight of the kids. Nothing ruins the suspension of disbelief faster than a sweaty, headless Star Wars character!! HAVE FUN!!!
  6. Trout's Avatar
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    Apr 18, 2012, 8:43 AM - Re: Ten year old's birthday party #5

    I found a Han Solo "Wanted" poster a while ago on MEPD that can be printed on regular sized paper. I thought it would be a cool idea to pass those out to kids to give them something to remember the day. Maybe even autograph it for them.

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