Tandy thanks TDH

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    Tandy thanks TDH

    Just wanted to pass down the thank you from Tandy. Everyone knows that finanical times are tough right now, and tandy's has been hurting the past few months. They stay alive by top Manufacturers and busniess's and large groups. In the past month and ahalf or so The TDH is up to spending over $2900 which is discount from over $5000. That means the group has saved a combined average of $2100 or so. Way to go guys, looks like the group is using the discount card and doing a good job of doing it.
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    Re: Tandy thanks TDH

    I wanted to thank you for the card. I recently made a purchase and was able to buy rivets, buckels, a tool, and leather for less then the retail price of the leather alone. I appreciate all you've done for us.

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