The Tack Outlet

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    The Tack Outlet

    For anyone looking for girth belts NEVER USE THIS SITE:

    I ordered a belt on 4/14 and had been told no less than twice via phone it was coming. They are only open 2 days a week from 9-2 EST. I filed a paypal claim on the 14th of May and got my money back today. They NEVER even responded. Terrible service, lying about shipping and products that they have "in stock".

    I just hope this serves as a warning to anyone else who was thinking of looking for a belt there.

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    Re: The Tack Outlet

    Thanks for the tip Matt, I've been trying to get a few belts for Mojo-Fett in the UK. it seems to be the trend lately with people not returning my emails or phone calls either. customer service has really taken a dump.

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    Re: The Tack Outlet

    I can't even tell you how mad these guys made me! Good luck finding him some belts Ben.

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    Re: The Tack Outlet

    Cheers for the heads up bro...
    I *think* that was the place I tried that did not respond?
    Ben's got my back...

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