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    Oct 8, 2009, 4:19 PM - stopping in to say hey #1

    Hey everyone. I haven't been on as often and wanted to say hey. I've been very busy, and I have finally gotten my GED. The math was barely passing. I'm going to be looking at getting a job now. I still plan to getting around finishing my Scout and maybe.. and I mean maybe, starting on a Fett down the road. However, as for right now, I'm considering what I'll be doing next. First, I'll be taking a look at some colleges. I have a couple ideas about what I want to do, yet I want to look before I get into it. However, I would also like to get out of Florida. I'm not going into major details, yet I don't get a lot of peace around here, plus I just don't like it in Florida. I'd visit Florida, yet I don't like living here. What would some of you do? move and then look into College? or looking into College only? If I end up moving, is it possible I could live by myself with just a GED and working at a place like walmart or lowes? I've talked to a couple friends of mine, and finding a roommate is kind of hard right now. Anyway, I'd like some advice. Thanks everyone, and I hope you've all been well.

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