StellarCon 2008

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    StellarCon 2008

    StellarCon 2008 happened in High Point NC on the 14th-16th of March. I was there as the lone Boba, but we had some of the mando mercs (including founder Novall Talon!) show up. Here's the link to the photos, as well as some of the highlights:

    and this is my ABSOLUTE FAV pic of StellarCon...(or me in costume period)

    I wish it was in better focus but I love the expression on that kid's face...


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    Re: StellarCon 2008

    Great Pics! Looks like you all had fun.

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    Re: StellarCon 2008

    So coooool! Awesome pics man!


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    Re: StellarCon 2008

    Darn, I had forgotten StellarCon was this early. Nice pics, though! Maybe I'll see you there next year.8)

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