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    Hello out there
    today to a little thing thats a big project

    most people know the site but nobody seems to know the Forum

    so check out the main site and if you like it visit use in the Forums
    great pics and perhaps some stuff to talk.
    it would be great to get more active members over there its a lot of work and needs some help and members.

    if you know it please tell what you think and help to make this a nice place.

    and regards

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    Re: starwarsarchives

    Very cool site! It's going to take a long time to go through it all, and I'll love every minute of it. I don't know if the site was getting too many hits, of if my Flash player is messing up, but it all ran very slow. But very sweet, and I already saw one new pic of Fett!

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    Re: starwarsarchives

    That site is AWESOME!

    i didn't know there was a Dutch magazine called Orbit, i have to try to get one of those


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    Re: starwarsarchives

    I like this place - didn't know about this one, but knew about T-bone. On this site I have trouble getting places, maybe it's my mouse or something.

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    Re: starwarsarchives

    the site can be a little bit slow during high traffic.
    check the Forums and post pics rom fett we dont have there please.


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