I have a ton of WOTC star wars miniatures as well as some old west end games minis

i also have millions of decipher ccg cards

Would there be any interest here? Should i put this stuff in the cargo hold?

Does anyone know of a current price guide for anything.

I sold the boba fett already on ebay because i already knew that was worth a lot.

The decipher cards used to be worth a lot but I know nowadays no card is worth more than $15 because there is only limited league play around the nation.

Funny how this game once outsold Magic the gathering.

The most expensive cards I know of are rare reflections cards and cards from the last sets, and cards like Executor and black bordered premiere cards of rares.

hard to believe bb darth vader was going for $60 once.

I should have sold them all.

If anyone is interested please respond and I can get a list/find minis/cards etc if there are enough people that want my stuff