So hows it been

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    So hows it been

    Hey Fellow "Dented Helmetrs"

    For the first time in months I had a night off form my second job and other distactions in life and thought I would "pop" in and say hello and check out how things have been here.It seems there have been some major changes and additions to the site.
    Over the past months I have been away I sure have missed interacting in the topics here.
    Well I am off to catch up on some topics I have missed.
    I hope everyone is well
    Mike P


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    Re: So hows it been

    HEY MIKE!!!
    Good to see you. Everytime I get on the GreenPepper website I think of you. They have a rocking Poncho pattern and all the cool waterproof and water resistant fabrics.

    How goes the scouting life? Do you have any time to get out and Scout now?

    Yes, the upgrages her are wonderful!

    Missed ya


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