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    Dec 27, 2007, 4:32 AM - Smashedcrabs Progress #1

    Iíve finally started to make some progress on my ROTJ Boba after months of researching and fact finding to build my perfect Fett.

    Last week my wicked armour arrived. Chest, cod, butt, shoulder, back and knees piece. Plus my wicked gauntlets, these are a thing of great beauty and the best gauntlets Iíve seen. All made of light sheet steel and foam backing. They are extremely light yet seem indestructible. His service and product are excellent and I recommend to anyone looking for Jango or Boba armour.

    For Christmas from Tammy (my wife) I received a pair of CABoots, toe spikes and a cape.

    Iíve also placed a big (and expensive) order with BM in the UK for a lot of other bits and piece. Hoping to have it ready for Brissy Nova next April in Oz.
    My Order includes
    Helmet Kit
    Flak Jacket
    Flight Suit
    Side Pockets
    Ankle Spats
    Jet Pack

    Photos of the armour, gauntlets and extras HERE

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  3. Dec 27, 2007, 10:22 PM - Re: Smashedcrabs Progress #2

    Can't wait to see this outfit all assembled.Those gauntlets look like they fit ya pretty nicely.By the way your package is shipping this week bro.They got me on a crazy work schedule, and I cannot get to the P.O right away.

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