Short intro

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    Short intro

    Hi all,

    Since on other (501st) forums it is custom to introduce yourself, I want to do it quickly here.

    I am from the Dutch Outpost and want to start my Jango Fett costume. I hope to be the first Jango in Holland soon


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    Re: Short intro

    Welcome John

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    Re: Short intro


    Read a lot on the forum. Now, where to begin.....

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    Re: Short intro

    what up John?

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    Re: Short intro

    The first Jango in Holland, very cool!
    Welcome to TDH, John.

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    Re: Short intro

    welcome to the TDH family John!!!!

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    Re: Short intro

    Hey John

    Nice to see you here!

    Thats the fifth Dutch member here
    And the first Jango in Holland

    leuk man!


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    Re: Short intro

    Hey Johnny!

    Nice you dropped by!
    I hope your Jango's going to rock mate! I'm very curious to the progress.
    We could have a real nice troop in holland with your Jango, Dutchfett's Boba and my mandalorian.

    See you,



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