So throwing this out there.

I am looking for information from people that have shipped a complete Fett, or traveled via air with a complete Fett.

My questions are:

What size container were you able to pack your Fett safely and securely into?

What type of container did you use?

If you shipped via courier company, what company did you use and how much did it cost? Internationally or domestic?

If you traveled via air, was the airline accommodating with the size of container? Was it damaged upon arrival? Were there extra costs associated with the oversized bin?

I ask these questions because I am preparing to either send via freight or pack with me on the plane my complete Fett from Canada to Las Vegas. I am currently looking at using a Contico storage bin lined with dimpled foam to pack the entire costume in. The bin is 37"x22"x22" and will have ample room to add the packing foam and all costume parts, however if someone has packed the costume securely in another type of container I am all ears.